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TripFront Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of the privacy of the users that is why it is an utmost priority for us to maintain the complete protection and confidentiality of your personal information at any cost. Therefore, we advise you to please go through this privacy policy document to learn and gain a complete understanding of our applicable privacy policy. By vising this website, you are approving the practices mentioned herein.

Detailed Personal Data Information as Obtained by us

  • Any piece of information you enter when using our website or what you send us by any other means is typically obtained and stored by us. It includes all the relevant personal information for your identification purpose, such as your complete name, contact number, postal address, email address, etc. We can also request details about your preferences for hotel rooms, and information about frequent flyers membership and the car rental program. However, it is not mandatory for you to furnish the details. It’s completely up to you whether you wish to share the details with us or not. However, some basic information will be needed for you to register with us as a member, for booking, to complete a traveler profile, for a survey or contest or sweepstakes participation, or to ask us a question, or to initiate other transactions via our website.

  • In case you are making a reservation request on behalf of someone else via our website, we would request personal details as well as travel preferences for that person (s). Before furnishing us with their personal details and travel preferences, you should obtain their permission, as any access to view or amend their information would be accessible only through your account.

  • To add to our account details, we can also regularly collect both personal and non-personal information about you from business partners, related companies, and other independent sources. Examples of information we can obtain include updated information about delivery & address, purchase history, and demographic information. In order to provide you with all the relevant content, we might use the information you provide to share with some social media providers about your respective location. It depends entirely on your privacy settings and that of your friends.

  • We automatically gather some information such as IP address, web browser information, and website referral details about your device whenever you visit this website. This information may also include your online activity patterns, such as all viewed trips and consequent bookings. The sole reason for automatically collecting this data is primarily to customize your experience and inhibit any fraudulent behavior.

How We Use Your Personal Data

  • We use confidential billing details such as the name of the cardholder, the CC number, and the expiry date to execute the travel bookings you make on our website. The other details are used by us for the following reasons: To provide you with the products and services you request to obtain travel confirmation and other updates, to manage your account effectively, including bills processing and providing travel-related updates, to communicate with you in general, to respond to your queries and comments, to compute interest in and develop our products, services, and website, to inform you of special deals & products or services that may be of interest to you, or to customize your preferences of website usage, to reward you as part of any other program you want to join, to seek information from you, including surveys, to resolve disputes, collect fees or to resolve problems, to prevent potentially prohibited/illegal activities, to implement our standard terms & conditions, which you must have been updated about at the collection point already.

  • We aim to offer you a convenient and user-friendly experience over our website so that you can take complete advantage of all the travel-related opportunities. One way we do this is to send you email messages containing information relevant to your travel interests. For example, if you search on our website for a flight to a certain destination and have saved your itinerary details or otherwise not booked your trip yet, we can send you an email message to remind you of your saved itinerary or a special airfare to that particular destination. We believe that these email updates can provide you with valuable information about special offers relating to travel that are available via our website. Please note that you will have the option to opt-out or choose not to accept these email messages sent by us.

All of whom we share your information with

  • Service suppliers that will cater to your travel reservations, such as airline and car rental service providers. All of the services rendered by an independent supplier have been listed as such on this website. By making a reservation through this website You also allow us to share with our suppliers the details needed for the completion of the booking and the delivery of associated travel. These suppliers are not under TripFront jurisdiction and the personal information disclosed to them is subject to the relevant privacy policy of the supplier and other security norms. We will also urge you to check the privacy policy(s) of any travel provider whose products or services you buy through this website.

  • We may permit independent vendors to gather information on our behalf. These vendors provide services or functions such as CC processing, customer support, business analytics, delivery of surveys, marketing, and even fraud prevention on our behalf. As it would be required to run our website functions or to promote the distribution of online ads pertaining to your interests. These independent vendors have permission to collect essential information only if it is only needed to perform its functions and is not authorized to share or use it for any other means. They will have to adhere to the standard security practices that we follow.

  • Our affiliated business partners with whom we either jointly offer products or services, or whose products and/or services may be provided via our website. You can always tell the involvement of a third party with a product/service that you have requested because their name will always be present with our brand name or all alone. If you wish to use these fully optional services, we can share with them information about you, such as your personal details. Please be aware that the privacy policies of these independent business entities are not regulated by us.

  • If you reach our website via redirection from some third party website then we may share your details with them. We have not formulated any limitations on the referring websites’ usage of your personal details and we would advise you to review the privacy policies of that website in advance.

  • We may also share some information about you with the routing website if you have been guided to this website from some other website. There is no limitation on the use of your personal information by the referring websites and we will advise you to diligently check their privacy policy beforehand. Whenever the requirement for the same arises, we can share your personal details with our corporate affiliates. This sharing also helps us to provide you with all the important details that might be of interest to you about products and services, both relevant to travel and to those that are not. To the extent that our company and corporate affiliates have the right to access your data. All those practices that are at least as restrictive as the practices mentioned in this document will be followed. They will also comply with all relevant laws regulating the transmission of promotional interactions and give you the option to opt-out of all emails in the future in any commercial email.

We may share your personal information

  • In order to protect against legal claims or as otherwise necessary by statute, in response to the summons, court orders, or any other legal procedure for creating or exercising our legal rights. We will reserve the right to raise/waive any legal objection/right that is at our disposal in such situations.

  • In order to safeguard the rights, or protection of property or security of our company or this website, our customers or others and in compliance with our Terms & Conditions and other bound agreements, we conclude that it would be necessary to initiate investigations, deter or take action against illegal/suspected illegal activities.

  • In regards to business transactions, such as acquisition, divestiture, restructuring, or asset sales or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

  • You will be informed when personal information about you is shared with independent agencies, other than what is mentioned above, and you will get an option to prevent this data sharing from our end.

  • The anonymous or aggregate data such as the number of tourists who usually browse our website or the most popular hotels may be shared with independent entities, including advertisers and investors from our end. This information contains no personal information whatsoever and is used solely for the creation of content and other services which may be of interest to you.

Other Privacy details that you should know

You may find links to third-party websites, applications, as well as services while using the TripFront Service. Please be aware that you will be led to the website, application, or service of some other company’s website if you click on any of these links. We will not reveal your personal information to those third-party organizations, except as set out, and are not responsible for their respective privacy norms. As their policies can be substantially different from this website's privacy policy, we will always advise you to go through their privacy statements. You will be solely accountable for protecting the confidentiality of your account information.

We also reserve the right from time to time to amend or add-on this Privacy Policy document if there is a need to make changes to it. You will be updated about any kind of alteration in regards to the way we make use of your personal information and it will be clearly stated in the future versions of this document. You can request the exclusion of your personal information from our records if any proposed change is objectionable to you.

Exception Policy

U.S. military customers, senior citizens, patrons in the age bracket of 16-25 or those affected by bereavement, people with disabilities or severe illness may receive a discount after cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees under this policy, as detailed here:

Category Eligibility Requirements Service Fees Discounts provide under the EP policy
U.S Military Personnel Military e-mail address must be provided 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change fees
Customers directly affected by natural disasters. Natural disasters are considered major adverse events resulting from the natural processes of Earth (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change fees
Bereavement (Immediate family – children, siblings, parents and grandparents) Letter from the funeral home is required 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change fees
Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) Driver’s license or state issued photo ID required 100% discount off cancellation and refund fees 50% discount off ticket change fees.
Youth (ages between 16 and 25) Driver’s license or state issued photo ID required 25% discount off ticket change fees
Customers with disabilities Doctor’s Note 100% discount off cancellation, 50% discount off refund or ticket change fees.
Customers with terminal illness Doctor’s Note 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change fees.